E-waste Management Policies

Policy statement for management & disposal of end-of-life Singer Products under EPR Policy under CPCB regulations for E-waste management.

We Singer India Limited is committed to provide a safe and environment friendly products that ensures all the requirements under E-waste Management Rules, 2016. The Company take the authority and its reverse logistics for PAN India network of hubs and regional collection points. An efficient reverse logistics mechanism ensures that optimal transportation costs incurred. The system is also ensuring carbon emissions are reduced and air quality is improved.

We at Singer India Limited working on a 360-degree approach towards caring of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), We are committed to improve the process for recycling of its products. We are working to achieve RoHS compliance requirements as per directives of Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MoEF).

Singer India Limited offers the various mode and process to recycle/dispose of for end-of-life Singer Products through efficient convenient channels.

  1. Drop-off at the convenient collection points: Consumers can drop-off their end-of-life products at conveniently located collection points in their neighborhood. Search for your nearest collection point
  2. For further information, consumers can call 18001033474 between 10 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday.


Implications of Improper Handling, Hazards & Disposal of E-Waste

  1. Poor handling and disposal of e-waste of specified products releases hazardous organic pollutants which may include heavy metals like lead, cadmium, beryllium and even mercury into the environment (Water, Soil and Air) which can affect human lungs and other organs as they contaminate the air.
  2. Improper Dumping and improper disposal of E-waste of these products in landfills results in soil pollution which directly enters the food chain and poses a serious threat to the human health.
  3. Due to Illegal burning of e-waste produce from various products releases poisonous gases which can include CO2, SO2 (carbon dioxide and Sulphur dioxide) to air pollution and directly depleting the ozone layer of our atmosphere.
  4. During the process of recovering of precious metals through illegal methods such as an acid bath release. E-waste produce in this process can contaminant the water stream. Water can carry these contaminants for thousands of miles thus harming the ecosystem along its way.

Adherence to RoHS Standards

Singer India Limited is abide by rules and regulation for E-waste management and we are compliant on RoHS provisions which are covered under E-Waste Management Rules, 2016, of the Government of India. We ensure that our all products should comply with the requirements of RoHS and we have prohibit the use of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls or polybrominated diphenyl ethers in concentrations exceeding 0.1 % by weight and 0.01 % by weight for Cadmium,except for the exemptions set in Schedule II of the said rules.

Handling & Disposal of used end of life products (Do’s & Don’ts)


  • Always preserve the packaging and carton of a new products so that it can be used for end-of-life product for safe packing which has run its course.
  • Always drop/ deposit the end-of-life products at an authorized collection point in near vicinity. Check the nearest collection point/ drop-off location of the company here.
  • Always ensure safe handling of end of life products. Breaking of products is unlikely to have any impact on your health. However, if the Product breaks-

✓ Immediately provide proper ventilation to the room for about 30 minutes;

✓ Safely remove the parts, preferably by using proper safety gear hand gloves, shoes, goggles and

without using vacuum cleaner;

✓ Safely and carefully collect the broken parts in a closed plastic bag or some paper carton or box and

take it to the nearest collection centers/ collection points/ authorized distributors/ authorized

retailers for safe disposal.”


  • Do not open or repair any end-of-life Product. This may cause accident, injury or hazardous health


  • Do not sell any end-of-life Product to any unauthorized agency/ scrap dealers. The material can be

dispose of in a proper manner or misused for any unethical practice.

  • Do not mix/ dispose any end-of-life Product with other household waste. This may contaminate the

other product

  • Do not dispose any end-of-life Product in municipal waste bins. This may harm to the people and

animals who are around that area.

  • Do not keep any end-of-life Product exposed in open area. It may pollute the surrounding

Environment, soils and effect the people and animal around.

  • Do not keep products under pressure of any heavy object, to prevent accidental damage. It may result

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