Look flawless this V-Day with Singer India

Every good hairstyle begins with awesome hair gadgets. If you aren’t having good hair products, it’s much harder to achieve the trendy styles seen on your favorite celebrity. We all want to look our best! When it comes to much-awaited Valentine’s Day, we surely do not hesitate to walk an extra few miles to get an extremely flawless look.

Get ready for a stunning new you, this Valentine’s Day and day after day with Singers’ range of personal care products. Products that make you look good and feel more confident. World-class products that would fit into your budget. Get your personal style statement with Singer India products that are unmatched in quality and durability. Now carry your personal grooming products wherever you go.

Hair Straightener-

Sleek, straight hair makes a bigger impact. An Impeccable product that gives you a chic look with a lazy Sunday dress, an evening party gown and even matches your “Valentines look goals”. It just works at every hair length. Want to get the look? Flaunt your perfect hair and feel good about yourself with Hair Straightener Stylee HS03.

Hair Dryer-

This Valentine’s day skip the long waiting hours at the salon and give yourself a style statement that is just WOW. Hair Dryer Stylee HD 03 is not only light in weight but really powerful, this sleek grooming gadget is one thing anybody would want to have. Carry this backpack-friendly design wherever you go.

Hair Styling Kit-

Straight, curly, wavy, crimpy; try whichever style with grace only with Singer’s Hair Styling Kit Stylee HS-05. Carry it wherever you go and be ready for any occasion. Especially when Valentines’ Day knocking the door. Also, it is an ideal gift for the people who love to try something new every time they step out.

Hair Brush-

Getting late for your date? Now get the silky straight hair in minutes with Singer Hair Brush HS 02. With Singer, straightening your hair is as easy as combing. It’s ionizing bristles help straighten every strand of your hair, giving it a natural look.

Hair Straightener (Stylee HS01)

Singers’ Hair Straightener Stylee HS01 is one thing every girl would want to have. Giving you an option to rock straight, curly or crimpy hair. Walk with full confidence with good hair. This Valentine’s Day, try the Hair Straightener Stylee HS01 and surprise your bae.

Hair Trimmer (HT 01)

Why should girls have all the fun? Presenting this Hair Trimmer HT 01 for those who lovetry new beard trends. With 20 cutting variable-length setting, it has a charging indicator light as well. Hair Trimmer HT 01 is skin-friendly and fits in your budget. For a smoother shaving experience and an additional shine on your face this Valentine’s day, here is Hair Trimmer HT 01.

Hair Trimmer HT 02

Date plans? Go awesome with Singer’s Hair Trimmer HT 02. It offers a rotatable dial that gives your beard a perfect shave without cuts. It has a rotating dial and controls well. The high-grade blade is skin-friendly, use it without the fear of cuts. For a smarter you here is an awesome Hair Trimmer from the range of Singers’ personal care products. Be date ready!

Now try all these at an never-seen-before prices only with Singer India!